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It’s simple, really. Every day, we buy the freshest assortment of the highest quality, most delicious leafy greens we can find. We mix them with delicious fruits and juices and—if you insist—even chocolate (plant based chocolate flavored protein powder of course!) and REAL peanut butter. And then we deliver them right to your workplace. No delivery fee. No catch.

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Green Me is Good for Business
"We started ordering Green Me smoothies every week for our staff meetings as a replacement for all the junk food and heavy carbs. It is super convenient—delivered right to our office. Everyone on the team loves it. On a personal level, the smoothies they deliver daily have become a favorite staple in my diet. My wife said I should drink them because they are healthy. I keep drinking them because they taste good and make me feel great!"
CSO, Vivint
“I drink Green Me smoothies consistently. I also make sure they are available to all of our employees at ForeverGreen Worldwide. What Green Me provides us supports the phrase 'let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.' And raw foods are perhaps the only medicine that work 100% of the time for 100% of the people. In today's fast food lunch-able era, it’s my opinion that Green Me smoothies are cheap medicine. The taste is the biggest and most pleasant surprise.”
Founder, Chairman, CEO, ForeverGreen Worldwide
“For over two years, Green Me has delivered green smoothies to MX employees. What an easy, affordable, and convenient way to help keep our employees healthy, happy, and productive!”
"Green Me smoothies taste amazing, and they come right to our office. The whole process is so easy, and my employees absolutely love them. They have made me look like a hero to my employees.  Green Me is kicking SaaS and taking names!"  
CEO, Four Foods Group